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Adult Education Programs

Adult Education Term 1, 2020classes with Rabbi Eddi

Thursdays, 7:45pm: 

Overview of Jewish Principles 

23 January: Beyond the Narrative: The First Family in the World

30 January: Beyond the Narrative: Return from Babylon

6 February: Beyond the Narrative: Balak and Balaam

13 February: Beyond the Narrative: Joseph and the Nuances of Power

20 February: Beyond the Narrative: Spying Out the Land of Israel

27 February: Beyond the Narrative: Hillel and Shammai

5 March: Beyond the Narrative: The Appointment of Saul

12 March: Beyond the Narrative: Moses the Reluctant Chosen One

19 March: Beyond the Narrative: Elijah, Ahab, and Jezebel

26 March: Beyond the Narrative: Jacob, Esau and the Fight over the Birthright

2 April: Beyond the Narrative: Division of the Kingdom


ACTJC 5780 Study Suite

Course taught by Rabbi Gary J Robuck

Course 1The PaRDeS* Study Series (4 sessions)

Shabbat Lunch and Learn (immediately following Shabbat morning service)

Lesson 1: Sat. 23 Nov. Hospitality (Hachnasat Orchim)

Lesson 2: Sat. 1 Feb. Ecology (Bal Tashchit)

Lesson 3: Sat. 2 May Kindness to Animals (Tzaar Ba’alei Chayim)

Lesson 4: Sat. 27 June Parent-Child Relationships (Kibud Ha’mishpacha)

Gain insight on 4 timeless topics. Discuss and debate Jewish perspectives taken from Torah, Talmud, Midrash and more. Students will receive a daf (source page) at each session. No prior experience or Hebrew ability required.

*PaRDeS refers to four traditional approaches to the study of rabbinic literature

Lunch provided (registration is required for catering purposes)

Please note the fee is for the term. Refunds will not be issued for any lessons you are unable to attend.

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Sh’eilot Ut’shuvot: Reform Responsa for the 21st Century

To its detractors, the Progressive movement is anti-halachic and its’ decisions in violation of traditional Jewish norms and practices. This course will provide a countervailing view. Utilising recent Reform Responsa (a genre of rabbinic writing in which petitioners ask questions to their rabbis about Jewish conduct) and based on the work of Professor Rabbi Mark Washofsky, we will discover the progressive “take” on questions related to Worship, Shabbat And Festival Observance, Ritual Observance, Personal Status, Marriage and Family Life and the Life of the Community.

Provocative, insightful and surprising

Six Sessions Wednesday's 7:30 pm (Feb. 5, 19, 26, Mar. 4, 18, 25)

Fee: $40 for all 6 sessions, $15 for individual sessions

Advanced registration required by 29 January (Minimum 7 students)

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Mon, 27 January 2020 1 Shevat 5780