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Adult Education Classes - Online Learning

As Covid-19 restrictions ease, some Adult Education classes have returned to the Centre, while other classes continue online.

If you are unsure whether the class you wish to attend is being conducted online or in person, please contact the teacher:
Rabbi Miller (;  
Rabbi Robuck (

Adult Education Classes with Rabbi Elhanan Miller


1. Talmud class - Tuesday, 7:30 PM. A weekly reading in Tractate Makot, which deals with cospiring witnesses and their appropriate punishment.


2. Our Sages Read Torah - Wednesday, 7:00 PM. How do the Talmud and Midrash read our weekly Torah portions? What agendas do they come with and how do they alter the simple meaning of the divine text?


3. Being a Jew - Thursday, 7:30 PM. An introduction course to Jewish practice and philosophy. This course also serves as a conversion class for those interested.

Adult Education Classes with Rabbi Shimon Eddi


Thursday, 7:45 pm

11/3 Beyond the Narrative: The Ten Plagues

18/3 Halachic Questions of the Future

25/3 Pesah, Massa, and Maror: the Seder through a Talmudic Lens

1/4 Beyond the Narrative: from Egypt to the Sea

8/4 Beyond the Narrative: from the Sea to the Mountain

Classes held at the centre and also accessed via Zoom 


Fri, 26 February 2021 14 Adar 5781