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February 2019 Booklist

Welcome to the Library’s first Monthly Booklist


We hope that you will find items of interest in this newsletter and more items in the following months.

For the Young Ones

One little chicken - [J 398.2]

‘How much work can one little chicken be?  When Leora finds a chicken in her front yard, she imagines keeping it as a pet and gathering eggs for breakfast every morning. But her mother has a very different view. Following a Jewish law that says ”finders aren’t keepers,” Mrs Bendosa is determined that the family should care for the chicken just until its rightful owner returns’.  

Let my people go! [J 222.1209505] 

‘The Passover story is enlivened in this creative rendition of the Ten Plagues. Everyone can take part as Moses implores Pharoah to "Let My People Go!"


I dissent : Ruth Bader Ginsburg makes her mark (2016) [J 347.73]

‘For the youth this story of her early life in Brooklyn to becoming the first Jewish woman appointed to a spot on the Supreme’.  Her story has just been made into a film.

The 39 Avoth melacha of Shabbath

[J 296.412]

‘A pictorial presentation of what melachos we don't perform on Shabbos, and why they are prohibited.’

For the Adults


Balcony over Jerusalem : a Middle East memoir by John Lyons (2018) [070.92]

‘A gripping memoir of life in Jerusalem from one of Australia’s most experienced Middle East correspondence’-Book cover.

A Few from Afar : Jewish lives in Tasmania from 1804 by Peter and Ann Elias (2003)


‘Published by the Hobart Hebrew Congregation to mark the bicentenary of European settlement.  Looks at the role of a number of Jewish immigrants in the life of Van Diemen’s land and Tasmania’. 


Miraculous journey : a complete history of the Jewish people from Creation to the present (2018)


‘Rabbi Joseph Eisen is well known as a talmid chochom and master mechanech, and his shiurim in Jewish history appeals to all ages’ 

The Jews of Germany: a Historical Portrait by Ruth Gay (1992) [943]

‘This unique book provides a panoramic overview of a now extinct culture: the 1500-year history of the Jews in Germany’. .

Titles from our Book Club

People of the book by Geraldine Brooks  (2009) [F BRO]


The Missing File by D.A. Mshani (2013) [F MIS]

Extremely loud and incredibly close by Jonathan Safran Foer (2006)   

The kill artist by Daniel Silva (2004)

Journals of Interest

Profile : the Leo Baeck Centre for Progressive Judaism
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AIR–Australia Israel Review:  AIR – Australia Israel Review   
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Australian Jewish Quarterly
Special Edition : 2018 in Review from ECAJ
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