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June 2019 Booklist


Welcome to the Library’s June Booklist

Recent Titles added to the Collection

Esther : The extraordinary true story of the First Fleet  [Jewish] girl who became First Lady of the colony / by Jessica North (2019) [994.02].
‘Esther Johnston (1767-1846) née Abrahams, was a milliner aged 20 and of the Jewish faith when she was sentenced on 30 August 1786 at the Old Bailey, London, to seven years transportation for having tried to steal twenty-four yards of silk lace, value 50s.’-Australian Dictionary of Biography.

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Churchill and the Jews : a lifelong friendship / by Martin Gilbert (2007) [320.5409]

‘An insightful history of Churchill’s lifelong commitment—both public and private—to the Jews and Zionism, and of his outspoken opposition to anti-Semitism’-Google. Martin Gilbert was the official biographer of Winston Churchill and a leading historian on the Twentieth Century.
The Nightingale / by Kristin Hanna (2015) [F HAN]

‘A love story and family drama set during World War II. Two sisters find themselves frightening situations which tests their relationship and strength and their individual senses of right and wrong’.—Publisher. 
Heroes : history’s greatest men and women / by Simon Sebag Montefore (2009) [920.02].
‘Historian Simon Sebag Montefiore presents his personal selection of the 101 most heroic figures from the pages of world history. Emperors and queens, soldiers and statesmen, religious leaders and philosophers rub shoulders with composers and poets, scientists and explorers, artists and storytellers from three millennia. Includes: Ramses the Great, Leonardo da Vinci,  Albert Einstein,  King Solomon,  Elizabeth I of England,  Winston Churchill,The Buddha, Aristotle, William Shakespeare, F.D. Roosevelt,  Alexander the Great, David Ben Gurion’.-Publisher.  

Hitler’s Pope : the secret history of Pius XII / by John Cornwell ( 1999) [282.092]

‘Eugenio Pacelli, Pope Pius XII, has long been the subject of controversy over his failure to speak out against Hitler's Final Solution. In Hitler's Pope, award-winning journalist and Roman Catholic John Cornwell shows that, even well before the Holocaust, Pope Pius XII was instrumental in negotiating an accord that helped the Nazis rise to unhindered power--and sealed the fate of the Jews in Europe’.-Google.
Les Parisiennes : how the women of Paris lives, loved and died in the 1940’s / by Anne Sebra (2018) [305.40944]

‘The 1940’s were years of power, aggression, courage, deprivation, secrets, renewal and retribution. Looks at the wide range of individual from collaborators to resisters, actresses and prostitutes to teachers and writers’-Cover.  
Rocky Road : the incredible true stoy of the fractured family behind the Darrell Lea chocolate empire/ by Robert Wainwright (2018) [381.4564]

‘Rocky Road is a sobering and tragic family saga –  it starts on Manly’s Corso in 1916 when Harry – born Manessah Jablinovich in East London, and later changed his name to Harry Levy and then Lea – wanted something to sell in the winter when people weren’t buying his fruit and vegetables. Chocolates and candies, supposedly made to old European recipes, were the answer and he could sell them by the wheelbarrow full on the Manly ferry’.-Review on Google.  
We’re all going to die : a joyful book about death / Leah Kaminsky (2016) [155.936].
Dr Kaminsky is a Melbourne based physician and award winning writer. She describes her book ‘If we truly open ourselves up to the experiences of those directly confronted with their own mortality, maybe we will overcome our own tunnel vision and decide to live our lives more fully’. 
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