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Our capital appeal in 2016 was very successful but fell short of the amount needed to complete our building plans.

We have made a lot of progress, and we are asking for your help.

In 2016, the ACT Jewish Community launched a landmark building program, to meet our needs as a diverse, growing community, and give us facilities befitting our role as the Jewish community of Australia’s capital city.

We have already been able to construct a perimeter security fence, to help keep us all safe; we have refurbished the classroom wing, so our kids and youth can learn in a pleasant environment; we have constructed a new lecture room, where we have hosted fascinating speakers from all around Australia and overseas; we have refurbished the Orthodox synagogue sanctuary; and we have built and dedicated the first Australian Jewish War Memorial, to honour our fellow Jews who gave their lives in the service of our country. The building program has achieved important results which have helped to improve and to strengthen our facility as well as to establish the ACTJC’s name securely in the national Jewish community.

Now we need to focus our attention on securing the last tranche of funds needed to complete construction of the centre-piece of the project – the new wing. The new wing will house a Progressive synagogue sanctuary, meeting rooms, a ceremonial foyer, administration wing, and modern service facilities, all wrapped around a beautiful courtyard. It will be a place for us all to celebrate life-cycle events and festivals, to learn, to pray, to meet, and to deepen the relationships that bind us together as a community.

To fund the building program, and other much-needed works, in 2016 we ran a very successful capital appeal. Many of you gave generously to that appeal, and we’re very grateful to you for this. Some of the large donations made as part of the capital appeal were dedicated to components of the new wing and so we have an obligation, as well as a need, to complete the project promptly. Despite adjusting the plans to minimize costs, we’re still about $250,000 short of the amount needed to complete the building.

The Board has a number of strategies to meet this shortfall in funding. Over coming years, we are dedicating our Kol Nidrei appeals – a traditional time for community support – to raising money for the new wing and subsequent works, such as upgraded kitchens and bathrooms and a lift. In addition to asking for help from you, members of the community, we plan to approach again some of the potential donors from outside Canberra who were interested but had other priorities back in 2016. If we cannot raise the money, we will need to take out a bank loan and to embark on a period of meeting repayment commitments. To meet these requirements is largely going to be up to us – the present and future users of the facility.

In the end, it is what we give, that makes us a community: giving time to talk to each other, giving an hour to help at an event, giving whatever money we can afford, to build our future as a vibrant, diverse Jewish community here in our nation’s capital.

Please give generously. Our community depends on you.



All donations to the building project can be deposited into the CLMA account which attracts tax deductibility. Please make a direct deposit to:

BSB: 062902

Please email the office to advise them of the payment -



To ensure our records are correct, please provide your current address:

By completing the pledge form below, you are committing to making the payments to the 2019 Kol Nidrei appeal and pledging the amount for the next two Kol Nidrei appeals.  You are acknowledging these commitments will be taken into the reckoning for the funds available for the building of Stage 2 of the building program, being the new wing.

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It is a strong tradition that synagogue congregants make a donation on Yom Kippur to honour the souls of their departed relatives.

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Tue, 14 July 2020 22 Tammuz 5780