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Orthodox Congregation

The Orthodox Congregation holds services every Shabbat and Yom Tov, as well as on Sunday and Rosh Chodesh Mornings.
Our spiritual leader and halachic advisor is Rabbi Miller and our services run in accordance with halacha in every respect.
  • Friday night and Yom Tov nights: 6:00pm during the winter and 6:15pm during the Summer.
  • Shabbat morning: 9:30am followed by Kiddush and Mincha in the winter months.
  • Sunday morning: 8:30am followed by Breakfast and a Halacha Shiur by Rabbi Miller.
  • 7.00am:Rosh Chodesh
  • On the Yomim Tovim during the mornings, we begin at9:30am, except on Rosh Hashanah which begins at 9:00am.
Rabbi Miller gives his sermon prior to Mussaf except on days when the Progressive Community has services, in which case his sermon is given prior to Kiddush.


1. Women

We aim to create an engaging space for women within our congregation.
Women are invited and encouraged to give Divrei Torah before the Reading of the Law and the Haftorah. Each week women kiss the Torah. On Simchat Torah women dance with several Torah scrolls in the women's section. On special occasions such as Bat Mitzvot or Simchat Torah, women are encouraged to create a special women's service of some of the tefillah (such as Kabbalat Shabbat) or a special women's Torah Reading service.


2. Yahrzeits

If you have a Yahrzeit for a loved one, please join us in shul on the Shabbat preceding the Yarzheit to recite Kaddish and the El-Maleh Rachamim memorial prayers*.
If you would like to organise a special prayer service for the Yarzheit, please contact Rabbi Eddi to arrange the details (
*There are certain festive shabbatot that this prayer is not said.


3. Bar or Bat Mitzvah

If your family will be celebrating a Bar or Bat Mitzvah, please consider joining us for your simcha.
We have a policy outlining what we offer and the expectations of candidates and their families.  The policy is available by clicking here.

Please advise if you know, otherwise you can discuss with Rabbi at your meeting

Please visit the policy by clicking here.


Sat, 15 May 2021 4 Sivan 5781