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Rabbi Alon Meltzer

Rabbi Alon Meltzer

Rabbi Meltzer is the first employed Rabbi of the ACT Jewish Community, taking up his first position since being ordained at Yeshiva University's Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary in New York. 

Rabbi Meltzer coordinates much of the ACT Jewish Community services including;

- Adult and Youth educational programs
- Social Programs
- Pastoral care
- Religious functions for the Orthodox congregation

Rabbi Meltzer was born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand. He has been involved in the Auckland Hebrew Congregation and wider Jewish community since he was a young child. His wife Linsay is originally from South Africa and lived in New Zealand since 2002. Rabbi Meltzer has been involved in communal life since he was 10, running and organizing the youth programming for the Auckland Hebrew Congregation. 

It has been his goal to be involved in all areas of the Jewish community - reaching across the age, religious, political and ideological spectrum in order to gain personal connections with all those whom he comes in contact with. Working with adult and youth educational institutions; synagogues, schools, and youth movements, have been instrumental in shaping the Rabbi that he aims to be. The main focus has been to create inclusive and engaging community wherever they may be, specifically by opening their home for orchim, guests–those who they know as well as travelers, those in need, or those from our community who they do not yet know.

Rebbetzin Linsay has been involved in a number of community organizations including Bat Mitzvah and teen education at the Auckland Hebrew Congregation, a senior madrichah for Bnei Akiva, and the treasurer of Jewish Young Adults in Auckland. 

Together they are a strong team that has the concept of community as their top priority

Please feel free to reach out to Rabbi Meltzer at any time either by filling out the below contact form or by emailing him directly at


Sat, 21 October 2017 1 Cheshvan 5778