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Photos from our youth programs - Cheder (weekend & weekday), Noar, Teens and CaTZ.  Lessons are full of fun and children are thoroughly engaged in the stimulating education classes.



1. Classes available are:


This engaging program provides our community children with a Hebrew and Jewish pluralistic education. The Sunday Cheder program is for children between the ages of 5-13 years. There are 4 Hebrew classes (sorted by level), and 2 Jewish studies classes (sorted by age groups). Jewish studies focus on Jewish values and ideals, Holidays, and Israel.

The Tuesday Cheder program is for children between the ages of 5-9 years. There are 2 Hebrew classes (sorted by level), and one Jewish studies class. Jewish studies focus on Jewish values and ideals, Holidays, and Israel.

NOAR (Tweens)

This fun and intellectual program with shlichim focuses on adolescence, team bonding, Israel and more, runs fortnightly on Sundays and is for ages 11 - 14 years. 


This program, whilst still full of fun and intellectual stimulation, is for older children and run our shlichim. It focuses on leadership, team bonding, Israel and more, runs weekly on Mondays and is for ages 14-18.

For more information on any of the Youth Education programs, please email our shlichim, Almog and Hillel at


POLICY:  We take the safety of our children and youth very seriously. Please click here to read our Child Protection Policy.


2. Days for term three 2018 are:


Cheder (for ages k-6 years):  9:30-11:30am at the Centre for 6 lessons.
Noar (Tween) for ages 11-13 years:  6:00-7:30pm at the Shlichim's home for 4 lessons.


Teen (for ages 14-18 years):  7:00-8:30pm at the Shlichim's home for 7 lessons.


Cheder (for ages k-6 years):  3:40-5:00pm at North Ainslie Primary School for 7 lessons. Our shlichim, Hillel and Almog will be at North Ainslie Primary School from 3:00pm and will have games and activities to give kids a break and allow other kids to join the program. Please note we are unable to provide afternoon tea so you may choose to place an extra snack in your child's bag.


Tot Shabbat: (for ages k-3 years) - A monthly Shabbat activity for the pre-schoolers on the first Shabbat of the month 10:45am - 11:15am at the Centre.  When this program is running, it will be advertised on our online calendar ( and in our weekly newsletter 'Grapevine'.

3. Costs for term three 2018 are:

Sunday CHEDER:  Members $75 / Non Members $105
Weekday CHEDER:  Members $88  / Non Members $120  
NOAR (Tweens):  Members $40 / Non Members $60
TEENS:  Members $60 / Non Members $105

Current Financial Members will receive a further 10% discount for every subsequent child enrolled in the program.


4. How to enrol:  

******Please complete ONE FORM for EACH CHILD*******


In this webform you will be asked:

  • To inform us of any medical issues or allergies that your child may have.  
  • To agree to be contacted in cases of emergency and to nominate an alternative emergency contact person if you are unavailable who can consent to medical treatment for your child.
  • If we may use your child's photograph for publications (such as HaMerkaz), which may be printed and/or published online.

This form is now closed. A form for 2018 - Term 4 will be opened soon.


Tue, 25 September 2018 16 Tishrei 5779