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 Welcome Rabbi Gary Robuck



"The ACTJC Board and the Cheder community is thrilled to have with us our new Educational Director, Rabbi Gary Robuck. Rabbi G brings to our Cheder years of rabbinic and teaching experience, warmth, enthusiasm, musicality, and a sincere devotion to Jewish education.  He has worked extensively within Jewish Day schools, in supplementary school settings, and outdoors, as an Educational Adventurist, all in effort to strengthen Jewish life for our children and their families.  


Under his direction, this year's Cheder promises to be filled with fun, surprises and novel, new approaches to your child's Jewish learning.  

Come around and find out more about JU-PS, Family Fun days, Hands-Free T'filah and much more - new for you in 2024."  

To contact Rabbi G:

                          Education for Children: Overview                        

The ACTJC Children's Education Program is taught every Sunday from 9:30 to 11:30 over 8 weeks during the ACT school term on the dates scheduled in the ACT Education Calendar. The education program does not run on Jewish Holidays and public holidays.
The program is divided into two streams: Cheder for students aged 5-10 and Nativ for children aged 11-14. 
Program commencement will depend upon enrolment numbers and educator availability. The fees will be refunded if a program does not start due to a lack of enrolments or educators. 

We gratefully acknowledge the Board of Progressive Jewish Education for their ongoing financial support of the ACTJC's education programs for the local children. 


The ACT Jewish Community Board of Management supports the


Sunday: 9:30am – 11:30am
At the beginning of each Sunday, the Cheder students join together for a musical morning tefillah and are then split into small groups by age and knowledge level and are taught by enthusiastic educators. Our curriculum is inclusive of all forms of Jewish practice and identity developed to cater for the learning requirements of the ACT Jewish Community’s children.
The lessons consist of two parts:
LESSON 1 starting at 9:30am: Fundamentals of Judaism
Students learn about Jewish culture and values while having the opportunity to connect with their Jewish peers. These inclusive, interactive classes are guided by a professionally developed curriculum supplied by the Board of Jewish Education (NSW) that engages and inspires students to create a personal connection to their Jewish identity.
Stage 1 (School Year K-2)
Stage 1 is the beginning of your child’s Jewish Journey. Students learn the foundational knowledge of Jewish traditions and Chagim (Jewish Festivals). They focus on what it means to be Jewish in their own lives.
Stage 2 (School Year 3-4)
During Stage 2, students consolidate and expand their knowledge of Jewish traditions and Chagim (Jewish Festivals). They learn contemporary Jewish Practice that relates to their lives.
Stage 3 (School Year 5-6)
Stage 3 challenges Year 5 & 6 students to deepen their knowledge of Jewish traditions and Chagim (Jewish Festivals). They learn Jewish ethics and Mitzvot that are meaningful in their daily lives.
LESSON 2 follows Lesson 1: Elementary Hebrew
The ACTJC’s Hebrew course will introduce children to modern elementary and conversational Hebrew, noting the children have class time of 45 minutes over an 8-week term so parental expectations should be realistic as to the outcome of a child's language development.
The classes are a fun and interactive environment where students learn the fundamentals of Hebrew reading, writing, and speaking. The program is flexible and tries to cater to all ability levels.
For our students, classes lay the foundation for future growth by teaching fundamental Hebrew principles. 
A breakdown of our curriculum includes:
  • In the first level, the students learn to recognise Hebrew letters and become familiar with the sound and feel of spoken Hebrew. Students are also taught to read and write Hebrew at an elementary level and speak basic greetings.
  • By the second level, students are expanding their everyday vocabulary, recognising the Hebrew script alphabet (used for handwriting), and reading transitioning from words to simple paragraphs.
  • In the third level, students further develop up to intermediate language skills: listening (understanding), speaking, reading, and writing. This level engages the students and makes their learning more meaningful as we teach vocabulary relevant to students’ everyday life. Learning has also moved from reading paragraphs to short stories. It does not achieve complex language recognition, intricate Torah passage reading or writing.


Sunday 9:30am – 11:30am 

Unforgettable learning and a path to adulthood

One of the most joyful times for a Jewish parent is watching their child take hold of the Torah and carry it through the congregation on the day of their b’mitzvah.
Reaching this moment does not happen without preparation.
The Nativ progaram is a pluralist, meaningful, contextualised ‘rite of passage’ or coming-of-age program, based on Jewish values of Tikkun Olam, kindness and integrity.
The program offers young Jewish girls and boys, the opportunity to join other like-minded Jewish children in a creative alternative program of learning and integrating Jewish principles and practices into their daily lives. Regardless of their backgrounds or knowledge and is inclusive and respectful of all Jewish practices and beliefs.
The program can ‘standalone’ or be an addition to preparation for religious Bat/Bar Mitzvah ceremonies.
Our program provides children with the background knowledge and skills they need to participate meaningfully in life cycle events of their own as well as those of their loved ones and friends.
It starts them on a path of lifelong Jewish learning and living.
To ensure children are comfortable reading Hebrew words before they begin their training with one of the Community’s b’mitzvah tutors, it is recommended that they begin preparation as early as possible, so we encourage enrolment in our program. Training with a tutor begins many weeks prior to the b’mitzvah celebration and children who have a solid background in learning tend to cope better.
In the year leading up to their b’mitzvah, students are encouraged to attend Shabbat morning services regularly, so they become familiar and comfortable with the order and flow of a regular service and the blessings they are learning. This practice will help alleviate any anxiety or nervousness on their special day and helps reinforce their learning, so it lasts a lifetime.
We look forward to seeing your enrolment and please do not hesitate to reach out to the ACTJC’s Education Committee if you have any questions about the program. They can be reached via the office:


Sunday 11:45am - 1.15pm
For more on the ACT Jewish Community's CaTZ program, click here.
Thu, 13 June 2024 7 Sivan 5784