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Kosher Food


Keeping Kosher in Canberra

Most kosher foods are available in Canberra. Kosher meat is sold at Coles Kaleen, and assorted kosher baked goods (including challah and pita bread) and kosher wine can be purchased from the ACTJC Centre during office hours.

Kosher Groceries

Coles Manuka, City and Kaleen have dedicated kosher sections, selling chalav Israel cheese and yoghurt, as well as kosher fish products, pickles, grape juice, dips and other products. Many other kosher products can be found on the shelves of all regular supermarkets, as well as many delis around Canberra. Costco supermarket in particular stocks many kosher products imported from the United States.
To find out which products are kosher, look for a reliable hechsher (kashrut symbol), or use the kosher product directory on the Kashrut Authority (KA) website There is also a KA app, which can be handy for when you’re out and about shopping.

Kosher Meat

Coles Kaleen and Manuka stock a variety of frozen kosher meat, sourced from Continental Kosher Butchers in Melbourne. They generally stock chicken (whole, breast, thighs), beef roasts, sausages, hamburgers, lamb cutlets and a small range of sliced meat. Kaleen generally has a bigger selection than Manuka. However, supplies can run low in Kaleen also, so it is best to ring the Kaleen Coles supermarket (ask for Cameron) before you visit, to check that what you need is currently in stock. Coles Kaleen can be reached on: 6204 8700.
For the full range of kosher meat and smallgoods, Coles Kaleen will place special orders upon request with Continental. Contact the supermarket directly to receive the order list, and for more information.

Kosher baked goods

For special kosher baked goods, the ACTJC places regular orders from kosher suppliers in Sydney and Melbourne. When it is time for the next order, members are notified by email, and can place their order with the ACTJC office. Popular items include bagels, cakes, pastries, bagels and kosher pies.
For a wide range of kosher gourmet smallgoods, pickles, antipasti, spices and dips, Melbourne deli Lewis and Son delivers to Canberra. Orders placed by 8am Monday will be delivered on Wednesday. For most postcodes in Canberra, the delivery fee is $15. Check the Lewis and Son website for more details, and to place your order.

Kosher wine

A range of kosher wine can be purchased from the Centre during office hours. For a wider selection, the multi-regional kosher winery 6 Parallels South will deliver to Canberra, year round, for $10 (6 bottles) or $15 (12 bottles). The minimum order is 6 bottles. New wines are released for Rosh Hashanan and Pesach, and there are regular sales.
You can also order kosher wine online, with free delivery to Canberra for cases of 12, from Five Stones:
The Kosher Hub delivers kosher food hampers, including wine, Australia wide:

Kosher food help and advice

For particular issues or questions, ACTJC members are happy to provide personal advice to members on where to find hard-to-find kosher products. We keep a kashrut mailing list and Facebook messenger group, for swapping updates and asking questions. Please contact the office to be added to the mailing list and /or messenger group.
Also, with ACTJC members regularly travelling to Sydney and Melbourne, if there’s something special you need, a member may be able to bring it back for you. Just chat to us at synagogue.
Wed, 5 October 2022 10 Tishrei 5783